Helps to enhance the knowledge of an in-house counsel.

Training sessions six times a year

FondiaAcademy is a series of seminars providing training on current topics through practical presentations. The training series consists of six sessions per year and each morning long session focuses on one specific theme within the field of business law.

The training event also represents a great opportunity to meet and mingle with colleagues from other companies.

FondiaAcademy is attended by Fondia’s own lawyers as well as business lawyers from other companies.



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Do you need a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

Joskus yrityskaupan tai muun projektin yhteydessä on välttämätöntä paljastaa toiselle osapuolelle sellaista

In the course of an acquisition or other similar project it might become necessary to reveal confidential information to the other party. In these situations it is advisable to draft and sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). In an NDA the parties agree on what information is confidential, how confidential information should be handled, and to what purposes it may be used.

Are you in need of an NDA? Download our free and easy-to-understand checklist which will help you to draft one.

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