Corporate Social Responsibility

In many respects, Fondia is a forerunner. This includes the way in which we take care of the environment and those around us.

An employer and a social sponsor

Fondia is a pioneer within the legal industry. Our working culture is based around caring and collaboration. As an employer we provide excellent possibilities to combine work and family life, for example through offering our people the chance to work flexibly from home.

Our ambition to take responsibility for people, society and the environment extends even further. The Corporate Social Responsibility at Fondia is implemented through different forms of collaborations. Fondia’s supporting partners are Kiva Lainat and SOS-Lapsikylät.



Every child has the right to a safe and pleasant childhood. Fondia supports children and families in need through SOS-Lapsikylät in our operating countries of Finland, Sweden and Estonia.


Kiva Loans

We believe that throughout the world, the driving force for progressing society is entrepreneurship. Fondians support entrepreneurs in developing countries with interest-free microloans coordinated by the international association Kiva Loans

Environment and Culture

Fondia also cares about the environment. We promote limited paper use, recycling, waste sorting and public transport, as well as purchasing local and ecological food. Many of us have also taken these habits home with us.

In addition, Fondia supports young artists in starting up their careers. We offer the walls at our Helsinki office for a variety of exhibitions by students from the Academy of Fine Arts and convey contact details in cases of possible buyers. Furthermore, the art gallery is a sight to behold for staff and customers alike.

Fondia law stories

Do you need a Non-disclosure agreement?

In the course of an acquisition or other similar project it might become necessary to reveal confidential information to the other party. In these situations it is advisable to draft and sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). In an NDA the parties agree on what information is confidential, how confidential information should be handled, and to what purposes it may be used.

Are you in need of an NDA? Download our free and easy-to-understand checklist which will help you to draft one.



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