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The client’s business interests and financial concerns are handled with expertise by Fondia’s dedicated business and financial arrangements team. Our M&A and Finance lawyers assist companies in both domestic and international projects.

Our M&A and Finance experts can help with:

  • Restructuring and acquisition projects
  • Joint venture arrangements
  • MBO and minority share transactions
  • Private equity/venture capital transactions and exits
  • Private equity/venture capital fund structuring and investments
  • Capital market transactions (e.g., listings, public bids, share issues)
  • Real estate transactions
  • Working capital, real estate, and project and acquisition financing
  • Financial restructuring projects

Comprehensive service

We handle all stages of the structuring of a transaction arrangement (including clarifying associated tax issues) for the duration of the offeree company’s integration. Our team takes care of:

  • Planning the structure of the transaction
  • Collateral arrangements and guarantees
  • Incentive schemes for the management
  • Due diligence proceedings in restructurings for legal and tax purposes
  • Group structure arrangements, mergers, divisions, etc.
  • Assistance in integration proceedings

Our team members currently serve as project leaders in several diverse financial arrangements and acquisitions and have experience of providing representation and advice to different parties, including buyers, sellers, financiers, debtors, investors, and offeree companies. The team is known for their market intelligence, pragmatic approach, and determination to achieve the client’s objectives.

Experts according to your needs

We tailor the composition of our business and financial arrangement team to meet the individual needs of each client. In addition to transaction lawyers, your team can include former in-house lawyers with extensive experience in business and financial arrangement projects. With the help of our team, an offeree company’s due diligence process, for example, will be conducted effectively and accurately. As a result, the buyer can take over legal affairs seamlessly and cost-efficiently in the integration phase.

M&A and Finance experts

Our experienced lawyers understand your business and are at your disposal in all merger, acquisition and finance related questions. The M&A and Finance team is lead by Soila Söderström.

More M&A and Finance experts

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