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Anne Kangasniemi
Senior Legal Counsel

I primarily work with the vast variety of employment law matters. Especially helping customers tackle and lead change and find solutions for new ways of working are often on the agenda. Internationalization of companies and of employees bring to me questions related not only to getting skillful people to Finland but also to possibilities of enabling nomad type of work. I joined Fondia in the beginning of 2015 and have an In-House background having worked i.a. as a General Counsel for the Finnish Taxi Owners’ Federation. Questions related to passenger transportation and platform economy from the point of view of market domination, cooperation between companies and public procurement have also become familiar over the years. I have studied and lived in Sweden and can practice law even in Sweden and/or in Swedish.

My family and dogs make sure that there’s always something going on even outside the office. In the middle of all of this I also try, albeit with varying success, to find time for some exercise and arts and crafts.

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