As an LDaaS customer, you can fully concentrate on developing your business as Fondia ensures all legal matters are in order. We take responsibility for the legal issues to the extent agreed and based on a fixed price.

Your legal department

Contracts, employment, data privacy, competition law – the daily work of a company consists of a wide range of varying legal issues. Hiring your own lawyer for every situation might not be the most practical solution since legal needs vary considerably both in terms of extent and type, and there are routines and more demanding situations to resolve. Fondia offers you an entire team of lawyers, who are at your service when you need them.

LDaaS fits seamlessly into your company’s daily routines. We have a house full of experienced lawyers from which we put together a team equipped with the knowledge and resources to fit the needs of your company. In the initial phase of the service, the team acquaints itself with your company’s business and the legal care starts immediately, flexibly and effortlessly.

Service as you require it

As an LDaaS customer, you have your trusted team continuously at your disposal. We manage your legal issues in both a professional and commercially astute manner and without unnecessary complexities. The pricing is transparent from the outset and you can reserve the necessary amount of resources from your team on a monthly basis.

You can also choose the more proactive approach where the team works pre-emptively and suggests intelligent solutions. Within this approach we begin by analysing the present legal state of your company.

Legal analysis

Legal analysis is a service that involves evaluating the current legal state of your company. The service works like a medical examination – this means that the legal state is initially assessed after which concrete measures can be recommended. The proactive approach of the LDaaS always starts by carrying out a legal analysis.

LDaaS is integrated with the daily work of your company

  • Works like your own legal department but as an outsourced service
  • The clear pricing from the outset makes budgeting easy
  • Strong business acumen and industry knowledge, as well as considerable in-house experience
  • Comprehensive legal knowledge at your disposal
  • The service is suitable for companies of all sizes
  • The service is scalable according to the size of the company

Fondia law stories

Do you need a Non-disclosure agreement?

In the course of an acquisition or other similar project it might become necessary to reveal confidential information to the other party. In these situations it is advisable to draft and sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). In an NDA the parties agree on what information is confidential, how confidential information should be handled, and to what purposes it may be used.

Are you in need of an NDA? Download our free and easy-to-understand checklist which will help you to draft one.



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